Christ Is

March 14, 2018 // Posts

John 1:1-5

The first chapter of the Gospel of John has to be one of the most beautiful examples of writing anywhere. For elevated thought, for comprehensive meaning, for significance of truth- it would be difficult to match it.

This portion describes Christ before the Christmas story, before the Old Testament, before creation. “In the beginning…” What magnificence! What exaltation! “In the beginning…” back where our minds cannot even conceive; in the endless eons, the ceaseless motions of an incomprehensible eternity, Christ IS!

As we approach the Christmas festival, let us not be deluded by the tinsel and toys, nor detoured by the materialism and commercialism. Rather, let us focus on the grandeur of Who Christ is, uncluttered by pagan rites and beguiling fantasies. The Christ of Christmas is the Christ of Eternity!

Christ made all things- His creative sovereignty! That light shone… that light shines… and the darkness of sin and Satan will never overcome it. Christ is eternal; Christ is sovereign!

Come, sound His praise abroad

And hymns of glory sing:

Jehovah is the sovereign God,

The universal King. 

He formed the deeps unknown;

He gave the seas their bound;

The watery worlds are all His own,

And all the solid ground.

Come worship at His throne,

Come, bow before the Lord;

We are His works and not our own;

He formed us by His word.

-Isaac Watts (1674-1748)